The 2018 Customer Experience (CX) Index by the Sitel Group indicates a shift in the expected customer experience with a clear delineation between baby-boomers and millennials.

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Millennials are more willing to:

  • Pay more for products and services in exchange for a better customer experience.

  • Stop doing business with a brand or a company due to negative experiences.

  • Post negative reviews to prevent others from shopping with a brand.

  • Use online chat and social media to communicate with a brand or a company.

  • Communicate with a digital customer representative than a human customer service representative.

  • Wait longer to talk to a customer care rep before hanging up.

Millennials believe that:

  • It is important to receive personalized communication via email, chat, or social media.

  • Digital representatives or chatbots are as effective as talking on the telephone when engaging with a brand or company.

What you can do to ensure you deliver the desired customer experience:

  1. Develop communication channels (online chat and social media) to easily interact with customers.

  2. Develop a digital customer experience presence.

  3. Develop a digital communication plan.

  4. Develop a training program that properly trains your digital customer service representatives.