Change the behavior, change the experience

Customers interact with your company in a number of ways, but they engage with you in only one way: through your employees or through what your employees create.

Creating great customer experiences may or may not be the prevailing mindset in your company. And, even if it is, it doesn’t mean that your employees in every role, everywhere, know how to translate that into behaviors that create an exceptional customer experience…or know how their current behavior either adds to or detracts from the customer experience.

Our approach to training is rooted in building awareness, exploring behaviors, and considering how shifts, both small and significant, make a huge difference in the customer’s experience. 

And always, there is a built-in sanity check to ensure that what employees say and do, reflects your brand promise.



Empathy builds relationships

We don’t get very far in any relationship without the ability to recognize and acknowledge the other person’s experience. That’s equally-true of our relationships with customers whether they are patients, clients, members, or fans. Our empathy training is customized to your customers and your employees, and always reflects the values at the heart of your brand. With empathy, the human connection is reinforced, problems are solved with less escalation and “drama,” and customer retention is nurtured because as people, we always remember how we are treated.    

Recognition reinforces behavior

When employees make changes in the way they engage with customers, and customers respond with appreciation, loyalty and advocacy, employees deserve to be recognized. We build or improve your employee recognition program to make sure your employees can feel good about the difference they are making in your customer experience by fulfilling the promise of your brand.  



Key performance indicators track progress

We also work with you to identify the key performance indicators that track your employees’ progress. This way, everyone knows how they’re doing, successes are reinforced, and opportunities are clear.