See what clients say about their journey with us to a better customer, guest, fan, patient, and employee experience.

A customer came into the office this morning and was very upset. When I saw her body language and heard her speak, I automatically thought about the training last night. The material in the training really stuck out in my mind. I know it sounds cheesy, but I thought about how to handle the situation and the customer left happy.
— Front Line Employee

WhooHoo! I’m excited! I can’t imagine team trainings without this material anymore! Thanks for all your hard work on this.
— Field Operations Supervisor

Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful resource to help facilitate our virtual team meetings; it makes work seem less like work and more like fun!
— Call Center Group Lead

I watched the four scenarios and they really come alive on is really amazing how this gets transformed from the script. The field is going to love these high quality segments.
— National Project Director

The ‘makeovers’ have been a huge success. Employees are talking about whether or not they need makeovers or if they are wearing their uniforms appropriately.
— National Director

I really like the presentation as it gives a very clear picture of how far we have come. I think this is critical for our new employees to understand that this not a flavor of the month program and that we as a company are committed to providing and recognizing exceptional service. Thanks for all you do to make all of this possible!
— National Director, Customer Services

A warm greeting and a smile make all the difference in the world! Thank you for helping us communicate and reinforce that message.
— Senior Leader, Healthcare