Your brand is your promise to your customers.
Your customer experience is how you fulfill that promise.

In a noisy world with a thousand distractions competing for attention, it’s hard to stand out in the marketplace. Delivering on your brand promise in such a chaotic landscape absolutely depends on capturing the hearts and minds of your customers. How customers feel about interacting with your brand is truly the cornerstone of customer experience.

A consistently positive emotional experience for your customers can ONLY be delivered when you have a consistent brand voice for both your customers and your employees. Because the brand voice heard by external customers needs to match the brand messaging heard by your internal customers—the people who actually deliver the brand.

We work with your People and Process to drive outstanding Performance.


Your PEOPLE bring your brand to life

Your PEOPLE are the face and voice of your brand. You entrust them with the most critical responsibility of all: fulfilling the promises you make to your customers. Every interaction an employee has with a customer, and every action an employee takes on behalf of a customer, counts.

There are no second chances

Every interaction and action is a microcosm of your organization. Every experience
contributes to, or detracts from, customer loyalty because people always remember
the service they received and, most of all, how they were treated. 

Moving to a customer-centric culture means changing individual behaviors across the organization. At EthnoPraxis, we empower and support your employees so they embrace change and proudly own the customer experience.


Your PROCESS supports your brand

PROCESS refers to the formal, codified business practices, SOPs, and guidelines that your employees must follow. Process is essential to your organization’s success. It allows everyone to perform fluidly and it contributes to a consistent customer experience.


PROCESS also refers to the informal behaviors and practices that perpetuate across your organization.

Over time, processes can become stagnant and fall behind changing customer expectations. They can get in the way of doing the right thing for the customer and lead to disillusioned employees who feel torn between adhering to the process and meeting a customer’s expectations. 

This is why we always start our work by understanding your desired brand experience. We find where its working, where its missing, or where it needs improvement, and then we formalize our findings into a statement of Your Brand Standards that all employees can reference and adopt. Your brand standards become your official and consistent brand voice, spelling out exactly how you want your customers to experience your brand.

With this consistent voice, your entire organization moves in the same direction. From your CEO to your front line, everyone is on the same page about who you are and how you treat customers.


When people and process interactions are consistent with your brand, you build credibility, trust, and loyalty, which translates into your bottom line performance--whether it’s in the moment of a customer interaction, market share, or fiscal performance.