Why great customer service isn't enough

While companies may have hundreds of customer service achievements to rave about, it doesn’t mean they are customer-centric, placing the customer at the center of all company decisions. Often, customer service is only engaged when something has gone wrong: the website doesn’t deliver the info needed, a product has failed, the bill is wrong, or a shipment hasn’t arrived. These scenarios are all part of the customer experience, which means customers are already concerned or annoyed by the time they contact customer service.

Increases in business process automation have led to fewer in-person interactions, making customer service more important than ever as a make-or-break endeavor. However, it’s far better for the customer to not experience a problem at all. A truly stellar customer experience means customers never have to call or message the help line.


The EthnoPraxis way

We align performance and brand standards with customer service and employee recognition to create a stellar customer experience


At EthnoPraxis, we partner with you to transform your problem-solving customer service mindset into an integrated customer experience approach. Wherever you are in the process, we help you foster a customer-centric culture by taking a big picture view of your company. A customer-centric culture engages all employees and shows them exactly how they create great customer experiences—whether they are the CEO, human resource director, company accountant, or a frontline employee.

How do we do this? Clients are often surprised that we start with their brand and performance standards, but this is how we help you determine if you are delivering on your brand promise. Do your performance standards align with your brand? What is the customer experience your brand hopes to deliver? What are the shared values you want to convey? Once we’ve identified and aligned your standards and values, we prepare the ground for change and provide training that engages your employees in understanding exactly how their on-the-job behavior adds to or detracts from the customer experience.

We teach employees how to interact more effectively with customers and with each other, because a superior employee experience directly translates into superior customer experiences. To that end, we build or improve your employee recognition program to show your team that their contributions matter, and we select key performance indicators of progress so everyone knows how they’re doing.



Culture change that drives results

We’ve ferried clients through the CX transformation enough times to know just how satisfying it is for everyone involved. Creating a positive, functional culture where your employees enthusiastically work to improve the customer experience consistently produces loyal customers who share their delight. And if customers ever have to engage with customer service, they are met with compassionate employees who care about fixing their problem and keeping the relationship intact.