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From 2018 Customer Experience (CX) Index by Sitel Group, “Consumers say they have better experiences shopping online (55%) vs in-store (42%), primarily because it’s more convenient.” Therefore, store employees on the front line of the customer experience (CX), need to be made aware of this gap between on-line and in-store CX.

Leaders need to empower their frontline to address the reality that their business is already behind the eight ball, before the client walks in the door. How do you overcome this disadvantage?

  • Educate your team that the client is put out and inconvenienced by coming to the store. Your team needs to be sensitive to that as much as an ER nurse would be sensitive to a client’s pain. Empathy for their plight is beneficial.

  • Help your team understand the customers’ journey from their phone or tablet to your checkout counter. How can the CX be more satisfying? How do you make the checkout process more efficient?

  • Give your team the tools to create a positive in-store experience.

Leaders need to make it easy for customers to share their CX in person or on social media. The CX is generally with a specific person, so make sure your front line is easily identified by a name tag, or maybe even a business card that is offered to every customer. Otherwise,

  • Mention social media at checkout

  • Put social media platforms on a business card at the register

  • Put social media channels on the receipt

  • Offer a discount for a post

Lastly, leaders must have a solid plan on how to use that information to create better experiences.

  • Frequent reviews of your social media channels

  • A deep dive into the root causes of the positive and negative CX

  • Revise training for the front line based on client feedback on how to enhance CX

  • Compensation to the client with the worst CX