Premera earned my loyalty.png

“Call healthcare insurance provider.” It’s a to do that gets bumped until I simply have to act. I procrastinate because I don’t look forward to being disappointed.

More specifically, I expect I will:

  • be subjected to a lengthy list of options and still not be able to select “REPRESENTATIVE”  

  • have to repeat my basic information numerous times

  • feel like an idiot because I don’t really know what questions to ask

  • have to talk fast because my call needs to fall within the targeted talk time range

  • be put on terminal hold with or without an explanation as to why I am hanging there

  • not trust the answers I receive

  • feel frustrated, annoyed, and ill-informed

  • have to call back and repeat an unsatisfying customer experience

It’s textbook customer dissatisfaction, failing to deliver on all three core drivers of CX: efficiency, ease, and emotion.

Not long ago, I switched providers. A huge shout out to Premera Blue Cross, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Because of them, this critical to do no longer languishes and I no longer expect to be disappointed.

That’s because I can:

  • select from a streamlined, user-friendly list of options and select “REPRESENTATIVE” if I choose

  • state my information with little to no repetition

  • rely on the informed, consultative rep to ask me the right questions

  • take my time as the rep takes her time to provide the level of support I need

  • breathe while I am on hold because I know why I am there

  • trust the answers I receive

  • feel confident, relieved, and well-informed

  • get on with the business of taking care of my health

I now have one expectation that is priceless: I expect to avoid the hassle of looking around for another provider for a long time. I will pay this company back with my loyalty, my positive word of mouth, and yes, my recommendation.